Here’s the most important rule: On October 20th, take pictures of life in Larchmont and submit up to ten images. You don’t need to sign up in advance. Just do it!

If you reviewed our submission rules before, note that we have simplified them – just email them to us – see the instructions below.

  • The Project is open to any photographer, amateur or professional.
  • Photographers must accept the “terms”  release above.
  • Each photographer may enter up to ten (10) images; note that submissions will not be returned.
  • All images submitted must have been taken on October 20, 2011 in Larchmont which is defined for this purpose as the 10538 postal area –the Village of Larchmont and most of the unincorporated part of the Town of Mamaroneck.
  • Color and black & white images are acceptable; manipulation of exposure, cropping and minor color correction is acceptable. Do not crop too tightly. Photo must remain true to the original scenario.
  • You will be notified which images have been selected for inclusion in the exhibit and you will be responsible for providing an 8×10” matte print with a white border.

The rest of the rules involve the process of submitting your photos. The deadline for submission is Saturday, November 5, by 5 pm.

Preparing Your Photos

You must submit your photos as digital photos. If you took the photos with regular film, when you get them developed asked for the digital files too. You can crop and digitally enhance your photos, as long as the essential content of the photo is not changed. The judges may ask for he original photo if this becomes a factor in the selection process.

In order to assure that your photos are not misplaced or misidentified, you must rename each of the photo files before you submit them. (If you have trouble doing this, proceed to the next step and we’ll handle the file-naming.) The following are the file-naming rules:

File Name:          WHO_#_TIME_PLACE_TITLE.JPG

  • WHO is the 3-letter initials of the photographer (example – Jane Lee Smith is “JLS”)
  • # is the number of that person’s photos (1-10),
  • TIME is the time in 2400,
  • PLACE is the LHS address convention: Street and number in 3 or 4 digits, like “beach149″ or “palmer2040.” If it is a place like a park or school, use the name of the place, like “manorpark” or “chatsworth.”
  • JPG is the file type. If you submit a different file type such as TIF, the file type should correspond with the format of the photo.

For example FWB_2_0730_beach149_TrashPickup.jpg means that the photo is the second photo from photographer “FWB” taken at 149 Beach Avenue and the subject is “Trash Pickup.”

If you have trouble doing this, proceed to the next step and we’ll handle the file-naming.

Submitting your Photos

Send an email to with “Photo Project” in the heading. Attach your photos and include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your mailing address
  • Your email address
  • State that you agree with the terms of submission. (The terms of submission are in “Terms” above.)

For each photo provide the following information:

  • The number of the photo – 1 through 10 to identify your up-to-10 photos
  • Time – hour of day in 24-hour format
  • Place – include street address or place name if applicable.
  • Title of photo
  • Names of people in the photo. (Be sure you got permission.)
  • Any description you wish to include.

If your file sizes are large, you may submit your ten photos in several emails.

We will reply acknowledging your submission.